The U4ia Mods Page....cute huh =8*)


Here is a list of the MODs available to the public.

All the MOD files listed below are copyright U4ia (Jim Young), U4ia retains all rights. No permission is given to include any of the files on CD-ROM productions or any other commercial venture, without first obtaining written consent from U4ia. By downloading any of the files from this page, you agree NOT to distribute the files by any other means. The mods listed below are the property of Jim Young. You are free to listen to them as you please. You are also free to use them with charity based things, but only if no profit is made by anyone else other than the charity. This only applies to registered charities.

Oh and by the way, I now have a solicitor. You have been warned.

This web site is not running on a super dooper top of the range, here we go boys, machine. So please be gentle and patient with it. Thankyou.

Note from Pangolin:

As some people can't seem to respect the fact that other people need to get work done, and that Ant-Hill is running on a fairly slow ibmpc, I reserve the right to limit access to the U4ia mods collection during the following hours:

Monday - Friday 7.30 - 17.30 (GMT)

At most times, the U4ia Mods collection will be available. However, some days I will not hesitate to restrict access to them if people seem intent on just sitting there and pulling every single Mod off of this box!!!

Sorry for this. I do appreciate that the majority of people visiting Ant-Hill are good about their usage, but some people have just made it impossible to work on this box. Blame them.

Do not ask U4ia for more mods, or to write music for games. U4ia quit writing mods in February 1994.

U4ia made nothing from his work, so if you would like to make a donation for the work he produced, please send donations to the address at the bottom of the page.

99.9 percent of these MOD files were written on an Amiga A500 1 Meg machine. No hard disk, no fancy processors and no synthesisers. Enjoy.

Here it is, the cave of U4ia. Inside you will find many treasures and many other things too. Don't trip over the lamp on your way through. =8*)

Filch away people.


Mod players and archive tools.

First off here are some bits and pieces you may need to play them and unpack them. Some of these applications are shareware and need registration if you intend to use them permanently. Please register with the authors of the software. Details should be inside the files given.


  • Deli Tracker 2.14 MOD PLAYER 775K

  • Deli Tracker 2.14 readme file 2K

  • LHA archivng program. Just run it and it will unpack. 109K


  • Mod 4 Windows MOD Player in .ZIP format . 674K

  • LHA.EXE a LHA packer/unpacker utility.

  • LHA.HLP a LHA packer/unpacker utility help file.


  • LHA for Mac's in sit.hqx format at present. 77K.

  • Mac Mod Pro in sit.hqx format. 458K


  • leave-me.lha - Leave me alone. Last ever mod from U4ia 261k

  • 101.lzh - 101 percent proof - Early techno. very rare release. 132k
  • 15k.lha - 15k Boogie - a chippy tune under 15k in size. 8k
  • 1992.lzh - 1992 - 1st part of the trilogy. demo styleish. 115k
  • 1993.lha - 1993 - 2nd part of the trilogy. demo styleish. 111k
  • 1994.lha - 1994 - 3rd and final part of the trilogy. 211k
  • annie.lzh - Sampled Annie - The controversial annie lenox dance tune. 158k
  • astro.lha - Astronauts Requiem - A spacey tune from U4ia's music demo. 189k
  • bassbins.lzh - Watch Your Bassbins - Early hardcore from the U4ia archives. 139k
  • bassic.lzh - Bass Ic Blues - A happy tune . i think =8*) . 51k
  • b*stard.lzh - You Fat B*stard - A quick but big mess about. different. 228k
  • beatdis.lzh - Beat Dis Paula - An early play around with tracking. cute. 81k
  • bubsy.lha - Bubsy's Sousa - A brass band. never been done before!!! 107k
  • chains.lha - In Chains - Chain mail mod. written with Janne (JS). 128k
  • da-house.lha - Da House U4ia Built - Claimed to be one of my best. House. 220k
  • debaser.lha - De Base R Stomping - A hardcore techno thrash out. 204k
  • deeprluv.lha - Pride A Deeper Love - A remix of C&C's club hit. 256k
  • depot.lha - Depot - A new Ting - Hardest jungle you will ever hear. Dark. 206k
  • dracula.lha - U4ia's Dracula - Another hardcore Anniee Lenox thrash out. 233k
  • drfact.lha - Dr Facts Tripmaster - A Breakbeat module. 8 channel. 248k
  • druids.lzh - Druids Fanfair - A church organ based tune. demo style. 51k
  • endless.lzh - Endless Worry - One of my early style demo tunes. 53k
  • fairy.lzh - Fairy Lights - A little xmas style tune. 12k
  • freudian.lzh - Freudian Dream - A weird adventure into early techno. 282k
  • frontier.lzh - The Final Frontier - A mixture of pan pipes and breakbeat =8*) . 105k
  • funeral.lzh - Funeral Reggae - Just plain weird reggae. early mod. 77k
  • garage.lha - The Garage of God - A house/garage style tune. 277k
  • giveitup.lzh - Give it Up Man - A large resample hash of an Altern8 tune. 251k
  • go-cryo.lha - Go Cryo Go - A chippy tune. 9k
  • good-bye.lha - Good Bye - U4ia - A demo style tune. 230k
  • goodbye.lzh - Don't Say Goodbye - An early U4ia demo style tune. panpipes. 44k
  • groovy.lha - Groovy Feeling - An up beat house tune. 275k
  • hardcore.lzh - Hardcore Hypno - A really old hardcore style tune. 173k
  • headstro.lha - Only 4 da Headstrong- Hardcore breakbeat. 261k
  • heart-4u.lzh - This Heartbeats 4 U - A song from the U4ia music demo. 118k
  • houseout.lzh - Eat Your House Out - An old classic early house style tune. 223k
  • iminu4ia.lha - I'm In U4ia-Da Mix - A well saught after mod. 239k
  • japanese.lzh - Japanese Intentions - A slow mellow mournful tune. 54k
  • jenesais.lha - Je Ne Sais Pas! - A demo style tune. pleasant. 75k
  • jungle-b.lha - Jungle Bells '93(c) - A happy jungle style xmas tune. 429k
  • just-e.lha - They Were Just E's - A techno style stomper. 358k
  • kicstart.lha - Kicstart My Heart - A classic mod.written 1993, released 1995 238k
  • klim.lha - Klim's Theme - A piano tune with feeling. 83k
  • knockers.lha - Tommyknockerspook E - A hardcore techno bouncer. 292k
  • know-wot.lha - Know Wot To Say.... - A piano come technoish style tune. 125k
  • legend.lha - There Goes A Legend - A demo style tune. 86k
  • lioth.lzh - Lioths Theme - A demo style tune. early U4ia. 38k
  • listen2.lzh - Listen 2 The Rhythm - Early hardcore style. 139k
  • madness.lha - Hardfloor Madness - Techno trance breakbeat tune. 131k
  • mandie.lha - Mandie - Demo style tune. 125k
  • mandie2.lzh - Mandies Theme - Early U4ia Guitar style tune. 86k
  • me-again.lha - Never See Me Again - A must for all MOD collectors. techno. 142k
  • mentaldo.lha - Mentaldom Madness - Really dark gabba hardcore. 39k
  • midnight.lzh - Midnight At Noon - An early demo style tune. 107k
  • milano.lha - Milano's Theme - A bit of a trance dance session. 175k
  • mnems.lha - Mnemo's Night Out - Cute garagey style dance. basic. 139k
  • need.lzh - When I Needed You - Demo style with a point to it all. 60k
  • neverend.lha - Never End My Friend - A tune from the U4ia music demo. 80k
  • nitemare.lzh - U4ic Nitemare - Early techno hardcore. 144k
  • one-day.lha - One Day - A guitar based rock demo tune. 90k
  • pebbles.lzh - Pebbles - Early demo style tune. 74k
  • petergun.lzh - Peter Gunn - A muck about tune featuring Mel Gibson. 74k
  • possesed.lha - Possesed By A Track - A remake of a cappella tune. 332k
  • power3.lzh - Live Power 3 - An early techno style tune. 143k
  • progress.lha - Progress The House - A progressive house tune. 223k
  • raga.lzh - On A Raga Tip - An SL2 rehash muck about. (short). 291k
  • runaway.lzh - Runaway Scales - A MOD to test your MOD player. demo style. 75k
  • shadows.lzh - Shadows - Very early U4ia. demo style. 44k
  • show-em.lzh - Show Em Da Bass - A remake of a Miker G tune. Hip Hop. 315k
  • ska.lzh - Ska Ville U.K. - The only blue beat MOD to exist!!!! 67k
  • sleezy.lzh - Sleezy Bar Blues - A piano bluesy style tune. 28k
  • slice-u4.lha - A Slice of U4ia - A remix of a Sidewinder tune. hardcore. 157k
  • so-close.lha - A Slice of U4ia - Messing with The Police (band). hardcore. 84k
  • star.lha - Starlight Express - A demo style tune. 65k
  • subbass5.lha - Suburbass Commando - A hardcore rave tune. 196k
  • sumrthin.lha - Sumerthin Wonderful - A demo style. never actually finished it. 87k
  • taketime.lzh - Tayk Yor Ty'me - First ever mod from U4ia. 94k
  • taketrip.lha - Take A Trip From Me - trance techno. was on Amiga Format Disk. 122k
  • taking.lzh - Taking On The World - A weird demo tune. 118k
  • teddy.lzh - Teddybear Boogie - A Cute bluesy piano tune. very swingy. 77k
  • the-core.lzh - Hard To The Core - A hardcore tune. 318k
  • the-key.lha - The Key :The Secret - Remix of the cookie collective tune. 309k
  • the-mind.lzh - Its All In The Mind - A hard trance techno tune. 151k
  • the-pace.lha - Can U Take The Pace - A Drum & Bass tune. 208k
  • tomorrow.lzh - Live For Tomorrow - A classic demo style tune. 76k
  • tripout.lzh - Not Just Any Trip - A trancey dance MOD. early U4ia. 85k
  • tuba.lzh - Tuba Practice - A must for people who like to laugh. 49k
  • u4ia.lzh - U4ia - An early techno style tune. 209k
  • ujshouse.lha - CONTAINS 2 MIXES - This is a dual pack of 'da-house.lha'. 392k
  • waitin4u.lzh - I'll Be Waiting 4 U - Demo style. very ambient. 87k
  • waltz.lzh - 1 Minute Dead Waltz - As it says..except its not a waltz =8*). 6k
  • wurlitzr.lha - Sweetfree Wurlitzer - A cute bouncey wurlitzer house tune. 125k
  • x-static.lzh - X-Static Magic - An early hardcore style tune. 119k
  • x2c-hard.lzh - X-2-C Hardcore - Hardcore rave style tune. 136k
  • xmas-pud.lzh - Xmas Pudding Mix - The all time classic xmas MOD file. 201k
  • yourbill.lha - F*ck Your Bill - Hardcore techno. 185k

  • U4ia's professional music tapes

    If you are interested in ordering tapes of U4ia's real audio music made with synths and midi and samplers etc. Then follow this link.

    Some unreleased mods still come are:

    a-sound.lha - A sound Evolution
    harder.lha - Harder than ever
    push-me.lha - Don't push me over
    beatboys.lha - Gimme the beatboys
    i-o-u.lha - I O U nothing
    mdma-can.lha - MDMA can funk U up
    skye-by.lha - Skye by night
    trance.lha - Trance cut 3
    breakme.lha - Break me up

    kicstart.lha - Kicstart your heart - NOW AVAILABLE ABOVE.

    neural-n.lha - In a neural network
    snot.lha - Snot e'z B n E'd
    u4iacid.lha - U4iacid
    could-it.lha - Could it be magic
    one-hour.lha - The one hour race
    universa.lha - Universal solid E'r

    U4ia's Address

    32 Ingleside Road,
    BS15 1HQ

    Th th th th thats all folks!!

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