Welcome to the "Wonderful Weird World" of U4ia!!!

Or "WWW U4ia" for short =8*)

The logo was drawn by DanC from my MegaWatts days. Cheers my friend. It was never used in any production so I'm gonna use it now =8*)

U4ia will be in Chicago Illinois from the 9th November and back in England on the 4th December 1995. All communications and orders will have to wait until he returns.

  • The U4ia mod collection is now back online. No other distribution of these MOD files is allowed without first contacting U4ia and obtaining written authorisation from him.
    Wanna know what i look like? Come on, i can tell you're a little bit curious as to what i look like. So here i am. Yep thats me!! And yes it is an oldish picture =8*)

    Various other doobries

  • U4ia & Skye tapes for sale. Click HERE for information and order form.
  • U4IA MODS - Click here to access U4ia's MODs NOW BACK ONLINE.

  • U4IA & SKYE MIDI - Click here to access U4ia & Skye's future music productions.

  • PUB QUIZ - This has to be a first. THE WORLD WIDE MESS PUB QUIZ. A general knowledge quiz, live and interactive.
    This is still under construction but it does work. Go on, have a go!! YOU MUST HAVE NETSCAPE 1.1 AT PRESENT.

  • PRESS ARTICLES - Here's a must for you all. A classic collection of press articles from all over the world. Some humourous, some true and some just plain weird.
    Click here to access Can You Believe It!?
  • F8 MODS - Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing an F8 MOD file and enjoyed it, will know the difficulty in finding the things. From what we've heard so far, F8 is a bit of a Drum & Bass fanatic, which is just fine and dandy with me. Well I've started a collection HERE for you all to enjoy the real sounds of jungle drum and bass.
  • PAGE COUNTER -Ok so you've seen the nifty page counter at the bottom of all these pages. This nice little program was made by Pangolin, our lovely web sysop =8*)
    Get me to that nifty Page count doobrie information.
  • GROTESQUE GALLERY -Got a nice strong stomach??? Fancy a view round the worlds worst Gallery of art? Then get the bucket ready cos these pictures are real people. Onwards to the Grotesque Gallery

  • DR-FACTS PICTURES - Click here to look at some of Dr-Facts Picture Creations

  • IRC - I generally have a window open on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and hang out mainly in channel #amiga. There is an IRC amiga homepage as well. And its HERE.

  • COVER ART - I'm always looking for cover art for demo tapes and potential album covers. Here are a few that I would use. If you have any that you rate as good, then send them down to me, and i'll check them out.


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